Sex and Relationships Education

In the Compass Centre the staff work alongside the Speech & Language therapists, Clinical Psychologist and sensory expert, Julia Dyer to devise individualised timetables that are specific for each student. A wide range of resources are used, including PECs, emotion cards and Boardmaker symbols – these assist the young people to understand their day and convey how they are feeling.

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These are two of the personalised timetables used for different students. They can show anything from “now and next” to the whole day’s activities depending on what the student needs.


Communication                     IMG_0346

These students are using emotion cards, photographs and symbols, according to their level, to learn to recognise different emotions in others and themselves.


Small social or nurture groups are used to build up social relationships.

4 students were asked:

What do you think of Pear Tree?

“Smashing! Better than the old school.”

“It’s good.”

Have you made friends?

“Yes. I like it here.”

“Marie is nice.”

Are you happy here?

“It’s good.”

“I’m happy.”


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