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Pear Tree Tuck Shop celebrates 8 years!

From winning the Chairman’s Challenge in our first year the tuck shop has gone from strength to strength.

DSC00641                          DSC00639

I take part by:

“Saying hi”

“Buying and selling the food”


“Taking the money”

“Setting up the trolley”

“Talking to people”

“Visiting the tuck shop with my friends”

The Tuck Shop continues to run once a week throughout the school year. Each class from Class 1 to FE take turns to run it for a term. They have to choose what to buy, shop for the food, check the sugar and fat content and check the food is gluten free or containing nuts. In class the pupils have to prepare the food, price it then sell it. This involves hygiene skills, money skills and interpersonal communication skills.

Staff and pupil comments:

“Highlight of my week.”

“Encourages healthy eating, numeracy skills, communication.”

“Gives the students responsibilities.”

“It’s got loads of good food.”

“I can buy healthy food.”

“I get to count money. I like counting.”


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