Speak Out, Stay Safe

Today we had a visit if Chris Dunn from the NSPCC. He spoke to us about the importance of speaking out if we encounter any experiences which make us feel sad, scared or frightened. Chris talked to us about people we can speak to at home or at school if we need help. Everyone agreed it is always better to talk to someone we trust than to keep problems to yourself.

For the rest of this week we will be working with out teachers to learn about different types of abuse so that we can be aware if it is happening to us. The message that is being reinforced throughout the week is to ‘SPEAK OUT AND STAY SAFE.’

Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme

In June 2016 Pear Tree achieved the Lancashire Healthy Schools Programme



We have achieved all 12 quality standards in the following areas:

Physical Activity; Emotional Health and Well being; Learning and Teaching; Safety Education; Ethos; Curriculum Planning and Implementation; PSHE and Citizenship; Leadership, Management and Managing Change; Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education; Healthy Eating; Sex and Relationship Education; Partnerships with Families and Local Communities.


Looking through the Healthy Schools blog will show you the range of activities and work that has been undertaken and the changes achieved to attain this award.

Well done to all the school – pupils, staff, School Council and the Senior leadership Team for all their hard work and support to achieve Flagship Status.



Pear Tree has also achieved the Lancashire Healthy Schools Standard






Physical Activity


We have experienced a new sport at Pear tree this half term we held a Fencing experience morning for upper school.


We first learnt the “on guard” position.

eli   fe     on g

on g

We tried out first using foam foils and then moved on to the plastic foils with full safety equipment.


Lower school and Crossroads took part in Orienteering on our outside area. Searching for items hidden  to build up a picture which  was carried as a clue as to what to find.

The task was to complete the picture in a hoop. Crossroads moved this task on using a  number card which  they had to snip when they found the required numeral hidden.

Everyone had a great time trying to be the first to complete.

1 2 4 da nat 3

By Paula

Healthy Eating

As part of the British Nutrition Foundation Healthy Eating Week we held Pear Tree Health Festival.

What a successful day!

The whole school tried to complete the 5 challenges:

  • have breakfast
  • have 5 A DAY
  • drink plenty
  • get active
  • try something new

To do this:

  • Each class chose a country to look at the food served there and made healthy alternatives.
  • There was a healthy breakfast tuck shop.
  • AFC Fylde came in to deliver a talk on sugar in food and drink.
  • Exercise activities including sports club at lunchtime.
  • Activities based around the Eatwell plate, lunchboxes, healthy meals and snacks and a bush tucker trial of unusual fruits.

DSC00708 DSC00709

“Too much sugar is bad for you. Coke has 20 spoonfuls of sugar in it. I drink too much coke.”

DSC00732 “Sometimes the food I like is bad for me if I eat too much.”            DSCF0661 DSCF0674 DSCN5520 DSCN5549

“I’m not sure about these odd fruits?”


“Italian and Chinese food can be healthy if you cook them well and don’t use lots of oil.”


“It was good. Better than RE!”


IMG_0475 IMG_0482 IMG_0487 IMG_0489

The Compass Centre were really motivated by the sessions and came over to main school to join in all the activities.


Staff comments: “Tasting really challenged the pupils and introduced new tastes”; e.g. passion fruit, mango, papaya

“Pupils made definite choices of what they liked and disliked.”

“Very informative”, “hands on”, “practical”, “fun”, “interactive”.

” The pupils used the tuck shop like they normally did and independently chose and bought their choice of breakfast.

Healthy Eating



Pear Tree Tuck Shop celebrates 8 years!

From winning the Chairman’s Challenge in our first year the tuck shop has gone from strength to strength.

DSC00641                          DSC00639

I take part by:

“Saying hi”

“Buying and selling the food”


“Taking the money”

“Setting up the trolley”

“Talking to people”

“Visiting the tuck shop with my friends”

The Tuck Shop continues to run once a week throughout the school year. Each class from Class 1 to FE take turns to run it for a term. They have to choose what to buy, shop for the food, check the sugar and fat content and check the food is gluten free or containing nuts. In class the pupils have to prepare the food, price it then sell it. This involves hygiene skills, money skills and interpersonal communication skills.

Staff and pupil comments:

“Highlight of my week.”

“Encourages healthy eating, numeracy skills, communication.”

“Gives the students responsibilities.”

“It’s got loads of good food.”

“I can buy healthy food.”

“I get to count money. I like counting.”


Pear Tree Health Festival

The British Nutrition Foundation is running a Healthy Eating Week 13th-17th June 2016

On Monday 13th June 2016 we are having a Pear Tree Health Festival

Including: Have a breakfast, have 5 a day, drink plenty, get active and try something new




This is a brilliant website for ideas and information. There are activities to do with the family too.


Partnerships with Families and Local Communities

DSCF1495    DSCF9823

2    DSCF8782

The Local Community support our students in so many ways. For example:

  •  Inclusion at Carr Hill High School – “Carr Hill is good. I do PE. The girls are my friends.”
  • Sports coaching from AFC Fylde – “I like doing sport. He plays games with us at lunchtime.”
  • Local shops supporting students shopping
  • Tangerine Holdings providing work experience – “I did the same as everyone else at work. I had a bacon butty and talked at break time.”


See earlier blogs as partnership work is a well established part of the Pear Tree ethos – for example look at: Teaching and Learning; Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Education; Physical Activity

Partnerships with Families and Local Communities

Our families have become involved in lots of ways with the school both in and out of the school day.

St. Georges Day Parade

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

The parents helped the staff and students decorate the float. Lots of parents brought the whole family to either sit on the float or walk beside it. Everyone dressed up. This has been really successful two years running.

Treasure Island

pirateship          treasurechest

Parents have supported the school with the productions. All the parents, when asked, provided amazing costumes and two sets of parents built props – an amazing treasure chest and the pirate ship Hispaniola. This helped to make the production really special.




Sex and Relationships Education

In the Compass Centre the staff work alongside the Speech & Language therapists, Clinical Psychologist and sensory expert, Julia Dyer to devise individualised timetables that are specific for each student. A wide range of resources are used, including PECs, emotion cards and Boardmaker symbols – these assist the young people to understand their day and convey how they are feeling.

024                          IMG_0434

These are two of the personalised timetables used for different students. They can show anything from “now and next” to the whole day’s activities depending on what the student needs.


Communication                     IMG_0346

These students are using emotion cards, photographs and symbols, according to their level, to learn to recognise different emotions in others and themselves.


Small social or nurture groups are used to build up social relationships.

4 students were asked:

What do you think of Pear Tree?

“Smashing! Better than the old school.”

“It’s good.”

Have you made friends?

“Yes. I like it here.”

“Marie is nice.”

Are you happy here?

“It’s good.”

“I’m happy.”


Physical Activity

      AFC Fylde have been working in school instructing us on Tag Rugby.

“I can play with my friends. The tags are on my wheelchair”.

“We are going to win the competition this year”.


DSCN3697                    DSCN3703              DSCN3714    DSCN3739             DSCN3705

We are learning Kwik Cricket too.

                                         DSCN3765   DSCN3759

I get around the hall in a special walker. I can participate in all the activities.